My birthday gift song to my mom


So I managed to finish a birthday gift song to my mom. It all just happened, I didn’t plan to make this song, but I was messing up with my music software and it leaned to this song. So my mom will not only get a money-gift this year, but also this song. Love my mom so much… <3

The song is named “Mammarakkautta” which means “Mother-Love”.
Also this is not my usual style, but I don’t only make techno and rap.

Hope you enjoy!



I’m sure your mom will be surprised and touched that you made a song for her for her birthday. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, she’s my fan and this song should be emotional enough for her to drop a tear or two. Thanks @Moonbeam! :heart:

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As this song was also made for the mother’s day, I want to pump it up for one more time.

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