My BF's Birthday is in 12 days!

They are two friends, two guys, since childhood.
One’s birthday is November 11 and my boyfriend’s birthday is November 12.

I will call and visit his wife today who I am very good friends with. They have two kids.

I will discuss if she wants to do a surprise party or have something in mind if they wish to celebrate together.

By far I am thinking, 12-14 of us friends book a nice restaurant on 11th Saturday afternoon and meet there. I’ll take a cake in the morning to the restaurant and we eat there.

Then I have to give him a present! What should it be? I have no clue yet.


I wish you all the best @mermaid1

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One thing I like as a present is a good pair of house slippers.


Get him a dvd boxset of something that’s not on Netflix :grinning:


When I had a boyfriend, one year I got him things that represented things we had done together. I got him a copy of the first movie we had ever seen together. I got him a bunch of football stuff because we went to a game for our first date. I got him a t-shirt and mug from his favorite tv series that we watched together. Etc etc. I put them in separate bags and gave them to him in order of when they happened.


Hey, my birthday is in November 12 too. :slight_smile:
I have no friends or girlfriend though. :neutral_face: I wouldn’t like a party anyway, because of my introversion. I’ll probably cook a few special dishes and bake a cake (I love cooking and baking btw) and invite my brother, sister and mother… like every year.
p.s. The tradition of giving gifts is non existent in my country.


Do you give each other gifts for Christmas?

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"Do you give each other gifts for Christmas?"
No way. Never. In Eastern Europe doesn’t exists that tradition.
If I think better… there is an exception. Some parents might buy sweets and toys for their little kids and put it under the Christmas tree (fir). But there’s not an exchange of gifts. Those little kids think those gifts come from Santa. :smile: When you’re big enough to realize that Santa is not real, you don’t receive gifts anymore.

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That is so romantic but totally not us. I am actually thinking of booking a small trip somewhere, I will check what is available on New year’s eve. I know there is still two months but we have nothing planned.

So on Friday 10th we are throwing a surprise party at a restaurant. We decided on cake and balloons + dinner. And I also have to give him a present.

Next year he will turn 40 so I will throw a very big party only for him and I will order a special cake with a duck on it because he likes to go hunting.

This year will be more simple and everyone will pay for themselves.

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I always give presents on any opportunity because it is something very nice to receive and give gifts. As long as I am working, people are getting their presents.

Christmas and NY is special too. I have to plan another present for NY’s

Hello fellow Romanian !!

I beg to differ, I often give presents to my friends for birthday. They give me presents too if I invite them for a birthday party. When I had a girlfriend, we would also exchange gifts at Christmas and Easter. Within the family, we are less formal, but we still offer something… flowers or a bottle of wine…


My husband’s birthday is coming up in a couple weeks too!

I’d give you advice on what to get,

But I can’t even figure out what I’m getting.

He’s so good at gifts for me, its always something so freaking thoughtful, planned out and romantic,

Not my thing,

I guess he knows that…

Anyway, I think I’m getting him some spa treatments, like a massage and stuff somewhere fancy.

Maybe I’ll pack a picnic and take him somewhere cool,

Then probs have to serve up some weird sex stuff to distract from the obvious lack of thought put into the gifts…



That’s kind of sad. :frowning_face:

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I gave my boyfriend really nice flowers, wine, a scented candle and tickets to a Lana Del Rey concert for his birthday.

Last year I gave him a wireless headset. :slight_smile:

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that is so nice! I wish I received that kind of present!

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It is very tough to actually find someone who puts effort, enthusiasm and energy into a relationship.

My boyfriend rarely is happy with anything and no matter how much I try and try to make it something special, there is no success. I am not sure what is his problem but he might have a mental illness too I can not decide what it is.

He is very responsible though when it comes to his job. He is successful. But other than that, other than a few friends, his life is a failure. I am worried if he has secret rage or thoughts he is hiding, but I feel like I am doing so much for him already!

One day it will be too much too handle anymore and I’m gonna take off without looking back.

I feel like I am not good enough!

Have you talked to him about this?
He might not be aware of how his actions or lack of them is affecting you.

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That’s so sweet @Afraid

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