My attention span ain't what it used to be

Seriously. It’s upsetting to me. As a kid I could focus on something for HOURS at a time. I would just sit and marathon TV shows or get really into a videogame, or stay up all night reading and stuff like that.

I can’t do any of that anymore. I can get through max 2 chapters of a book before I lose interest. I don’t have the patience or focus to play a lot of the games I used to and even then I don’t play them that long. I hardly ever watch shows that are longer than 20 minutes now. I just wish I could focus more and get really into things like I used to.

Medication, abilify specifically made this issue a lot worse.

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I thought it was anhedonia. I can’t play video game for a long time (max of one hour).

When it’s a game that I enjoy too much (e.g.: Batman: Arkham Knight), I can play it for more than one hour, but I still can’t much joy. It’s like a zombie playing video game.

The same happens with movies, series, books, comic books, etc.

I would be very happy if there was a med that would solve it.


When I had anhedonia during my depressive episodes it was very severe. I took no enjoyment in anything I liked. I just stopped doing everything completely. All I did was sleep all the time because it’s all I could be bothered to do.

I am not in an episode currently so I am doing things I enjoy, I just lose interest more quickly. Agh. I guess even when I’m not in an episode I still have mild depressive symptoms. For example I still do not really enjoy life.

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Maybe I have a mix of bad attention span and anhedonia.

I do physical exercises if I want to feel some joy. When I talk to someone I feel some joy as well.

I know what yo mean. I have no interest in anything. Even when I force myself to read I kinda ghost read where I don’t take in any information and have to reread everything.

I’m the same way, when I have to do things I just wish it was over, can’t play games, hard to even get anything out of a movie or TV show, even a long post in the forum I pass on, only read the short ones


That’s me exactly

I don’t think it’s only the medication Abilify. Yes it causes cognitive impairment in some cases but the illness also contributes. I find it hard to follow conversations or even remember things. You are lucky you can go through 2 chapters in a book, I can’t even go through 1 page. I’m sure you will get a better attention span with time. I wish you the best

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