Lack of Attention span

is lack of attention span affected by meds, or the illness? I can barely watch a 10 minute youtube video, an hour long TV show feels like a marathon, and I can’t even do a movie anymore.


I have the same problem with movies!! I can’t sit still and I have taken off in the middle of a movie in a theater before…
I think it’s the illness.
I think that we all experience some kind of brain shock from the scary contents of our voices/hallucinations and that all that fear wrecks our ability to focus and sit still, like we’re all half in a state of fight or flight…
I could be wrong though, that’s just my speculation.

I do know that Abilify causes restlessness, though, so yes, meds can also do that.

I’m like this too.
I lack the focus to even read articles or watch a movie.
I’m pretty sure that it’s the meds that have basically zombified me!
Especially the Depakote.

The last movie I saw was so bad I walked out on it…

And I was on a plane. :wink:

Seriously though, I’m the same. I have trouble even reading a couple of paragraphs posted on some of these threads. mentions reduced attention span.

I have my suspicions that meds are more to blame. The last book I read was when I came off meds for 2 years (and ended up in hospital psychotic :smile: ).

So it’s just another trade off or another side effect I put up with now.

I have zero ability to concentrate on tv or movies. Zero. My limit is this forum with music in the background.

glad I’m not the only one


it is the illness…

Both. Meds I found made my attention span even worse, to where it was so bad I basically slept all day bc I didn’t have the focus for anything, but even off meds when my symptoms are active it can be total crap.

Zoloft has helped it quite a bit. It’s more normal now.