My "Art" (Few months old)

Not what I was actually imagining, but I had to finish it. Also, the lighter shades aren’t showing up too well (scanned it)


Nice! it reminds me of a time portal


Ultimate Magic: Revivification !

Eh shoddy camera.


It’s really good, I like all of it!


Hi I did a lampshade today. It’s a candle lamp. It’s got me and Phil days on it. I’m still glad I was born


I’ve never seen/heard of a candle lamp o.O

That’s really neat and nicely decorated.

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Very surrealistic! I dig it. I’d suggest working on your rendering and depth perception but your design ability is spot on. Looking forward to seeing more.

I spent 4 dollars on it

I usually paint them but didn’t this one

Your one with blocks reminds me of tetris

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I mostly use what little I remembered from 8th grade Art. That’s as far I got.

There’s so much stuff to learn and so much I try to figure out on my own.

I tried drawing an eye, but then looked up a tutorial online and was overwhelmed haha

In my experience YouTube is a bottomless source of art training. I’ve learned more from YouTube than I’ve ever learned from an art school and I’ve attended two of them.

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That’s a complete untruth

You tube is all pop manufactured base and unoriginal poets and artists

yeah because that doesn’t sound bias at all lol