My apartment is going to be minimalistic part 2

So my bedroom was white and pink, which I liked for a while, but I’m over

it. I decided to change it up a little bringing the espresso into the bedroom but keeping the clean lines. I’m getting a simple platform bed.

And the mattress I selected is a 12 inch memory foam bed in a box with a 10 year warranty. It’s infused with green tea for relaxation. The dresser I’m getting is small. It’s only 3 feet wide. But I have 2 full closets in my bedroom so I don’t need much of a dresser.

My nightstand I bought at Wayfair and will give me some added drawer space for little items. It’s also espresso and has a similar style as the dresser.

I’ll need a little storage for my box collection and my bottles and other personal items so I’m getting a cubby and some storage cubes.

My new bedding is a little whimsical but I wanted something playful. And I definitely wanted to go with turquoise so when I saw this I knew I had to have it lol.

And that’s it’s for my bedroom. For the spare bedroom I am getting a recumbent bike.

and in there I’ll have one of these for yoga and floor stretches

Then I’m getting a stepper for cardio

And some free weights

That pretty much sums it up. I’ll have everything I need.


Very nice Leaf. You’ve got good taste.

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That seems a lot of money with the other stuff you posted. I hope you can pay it.

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Are you buying these bcz you have no old furniture?

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Yeah, I gave everything to my husband, my son and my daughter when I got divorced.

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Nice and modern feel. Like your choices and looks a decent plan. I love it when a plan comes together.

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You better keep it clean…lol lol

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That’s very nice. I had turquoise for a while, also pink. I thought coral looked good with brown carpet, so pink and coral again. I take all these decorating quizzes, but don’t really know what I like, until I see it. I can never decide and change my mind all the time.

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You can afford all that? Are you going into debt?

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Oh yes, big time

What’s your plan for paying all that off? Wouldn’t it be better to furnish your new place with inexpensive stuff until you can afford good stuff?

No offense but my family was a family of four living in a small apartment with a single bed in the living room instead of a couch and an old chair given to us by a friend. But we were almost middle class and lived comfortably and I never felt poor.

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It’s only about $5000 worth of stuff. Is that excessive?

I gave myself a $5000 budget for setting up a new life, I thought that seemed reasonable.

If you don’t have $5000----yes.

Furniture is usually high priced but if you look around you can find bargains and cheaper substitutes.

Just ask yourself how long it’s going to take to pay off a $5000 debt.
And what if something comes up in the future while you’re paying that off, and you have to go into debt even more? It could easily take four or five years to pay a $5000 debt. And even longer if you have to pay interest.

I like nice stuff too, but going into debt for years just for some pretty stuff doesn’t seem worth it.

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Well ultimately, the decision is yours. I can see spending a couple thousand to set up a household but spending $5000 alone just on furniture, and then you still need dishes and pots and pans and towels and cooking utensils etc.

I mean I grew up living comfortably but once I got on my own I had to adjust to not having the nice stuff I was accustomed to as a kid. You get used to it but you can still have a few luxuries.

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$5000 includes everything including all the kitchen necessities and things like soap and trash bags. Everything I need to hit the ground running.

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Well, we’re in different situations. My place was furnished when I moved in.

It’s not the best stuff but it’s good enough. When I moved in my step-mom gave me a few boxes of miscellaneous stuff for the kitchen. Not “top of the line” but good enough.

She also gave me a hundred dollars to buy necessities. I thought that was a lot. I don’t get up in the morning and think, “Wow, I wish I had a newer couch or better pots to cook breakfast in.” I don’t get depressed because I don’t have new stuff, I have what I need and just enough luxuries.

Human beings are remarkably adaptable and I am used to my surroundings.

I paid off a 6 thousand dollar credit card debt just last year. All the things I bought to put on that card were not worth the despair of getting that monthly bill and knowing I would probably be in debt for years and years.

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I thought I was doing good to set a whole household up so cheaply. I don’t need much. These things I’m getting are cheap. It’s just that it all adds up when you need everything.

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My flat is pretty minimalist as well. I don’t like tidying things up so it works well!

Nice to see you know what you like!

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Nice stuff—is nice. But there’s alternatives. Like I said, what’s worse:
Having used or cheaper possessions, or having great trendy stuff but getting that bill each month to remind you that you might have a debt hanging over your head for many years? I mean there’s garage sales, flea markets, Good Will, Salvation army, Craigslist etc. All good places to find stuff to outfit a living space.

Hey, I’m not trying to rain on your parade or deliberately spoil your plans. Moving into a new place and setting it up is fun.
I’m just trying to be practical.

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