My 77 year old mum is driving 7hrs right now to help my sister who has been ill for 10 days

My sister is in a Covid hotspot in London
My mum has had first vaccine 2.5 weeks ago
My sister is alcoholic and psychotic mist of the time
She only leaves the house to buy alcohol and food to purge

Mum palmed off every concern on the phone just now


That’s worrisome, is your mother driving alone??

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Yes and she is blind in one eye from cataract other eye has had surgery
She is taking her dog

She shouldn’t be driving…


No she should not
As well the Country is in lockdown
It’s raining And windy

You should stop her it seems dangerous

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She is on her way
I couldn’t convince her

Basically I think my sister has Covid and mum is going over to help
Thank you @Abise
It helps to be heard

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My God she is being so stupid

Could your sister possibly call the ambulance to get tested at the hospital? Your mother is at a high risk age…


I don’t think she’s even slightly worried
Phoning or texting no real response other than I don’t wanna talk to you

I’ve offered my mum to book a test for my sister a walk in one
Mum mentioned she is close to one which she is too unwell to find it or go there

You can even order home test kits online or phone

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I got them a walk in test tonight when she gets there
Because it’s so far I booked the last slot this evening

She’s driven 100 mi already

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Pretty much definitely not coronavirus now mum has been there
Feeling sorry for herself and emaciated she said
Cry for help hopefully shall accept the place in rehab now
She had a date in January but she didn’t like the timing it’s probably important enough now

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Your mother is courageous.


Yes. She really is. X

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Oh I’m sorry @Three
I think my fathers driving days are over.

He’s 86 years old and suffers with a rare bone marrow disorder.
He also has a messed up back.

He can hardly walk.

Hopefully your Mom will be fine.

Sending prayers your way.


You did a great job!! Hope your mother will be okay

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I hope your mom is ok. I’d be worried too. How can you drive with only one eye?!

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