Muscle tension with APs

I didn’t get any muscle tension with Abilify. I have a lot around my neck/jaw on Caplyta. Any of you guys experience anything similar? Any tips/remedies to help with it?

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Do you mean stiffness.have you experience fever also.if so immediately talk with your pdoc or go to maybe experiencing nms.

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome — Mayo Clinic.
Please check following symptoms and if you relate any 4 of them ask pdoc

No fever. Stiffness yes.

I’m on the older meds. My body is wicked stiff. The chiropractor comments on it.

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I’m on Caplyta and Latuda, back when I was taking Prolixin at a high dose I experienced terrible stiffness in my trunk, upper body, face and neck. As soon as I swapped from Prolixin to Caplyta, the withdrawals turned into pure tardive dyskinesia. Not only was I stiff, but I was doing weird stuff with my mouth, tongue constantly moving and protruding, jerking my arms and hands.

Only thing that fixed this permanent side effect was Austedo, which basically helps reduce tardive dyskinesia. I’m not saying you have TD, you probably are just experiencing extrapyramidal symptoms, which can be quite common on antipsychotics.

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Can you kinda control it? This is basically what I’m dealing with too

Nope, I do it absentmindedly. No clue I’m doing it until my mum shouts “put your tongue back in your mouth!”

I take a magnesium supplement against muscle tension. It works excelently.

Stiffness, but also on top of having fibromyalgia

Sarcosine made my muscles stiff for some reason. Caplyta is supposed to have the least side effects. Anyways, let your Dr know asap

Try Cogentin that is designed
To remove shakes and stiffnesd

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