Mum offered to help me clean. Should I accept

I am very tidy/clean just to point out.

The past few months I’ve struggled a bit to do a proper clean once a week and I e just been keeping on top of things. Cleaning up after myself. But I do do dusting and vacuuming and laundry.

My mum is a cleaner and has offered to do my kitchen and bathroom once a week to help me out and have a chat and coffee afterwards.

Part of me wants this but part of me wants to be doing it myself because I think I should not let me skill in cleaning drop. However it’s not getting done.

Need a bit of advice. I’ve been lazy I guess. I’m tidy but lazy doing a deep clean and I feel quite ashamed and guilty that my mum has had to even offer.


Let Mum help, good way to visit with each other


I think you should allow her to come over and help.
It’s a good way to become closer.
She’s family after all.


I can’t see that harm in this @Fanny_Longbottom. She obviously loves you and wants to see you more often. Don’t feel bad, this could be very good for both of you.:grin:


My mum comes over and helps me clean, and it is so helpful! I don’t let her do the hard stuff, and she tells me what to do (I get distracted easily, also overwhelmed and I never know where to start)

It always makes me feel better when my house is clean.


I’m working up to ask my dad to come over to help clean the kitchen.


Thank you all this really helps.

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