MTV has changed a lot

I remember when I was very young, MTV used to show music videos most of the time. Now MTV is way different that it use to be. Now Ridiculousness is their most popular show.


Does anybody remember Bevis and Butthead show, on MTV?


I prefer the MTV when I grew up in the late 80’s-90’s

Early 00’s shows took over and it became redundant

The internet killed its selling point

Back then before Youtube etc, TV was the only place to watch music videos!

I only had about 3 CD’s in the mid-90’s, I just used to watch MTV


I used to love watching the videos


We didn’t have cable so I only got to see it at friends houses. But I did love mtv back then

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In Canada we had MuchMusic, our version of MTV. They showed videos all day long.

Kinda pointless to do that now, you can see any music video on demand with YouTube.

I started watching MTV when it first came out in 1981.
Back then it was great.

Today it’s turned into reality television.

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Agree , jersey shore and teen mom…

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I remember watching TRL (Total Request Live) on MTV after school often.

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