Moving out to the suburbs

Hi Dr Zen here. I and my girl have decided to edge of town from our luscious apartment or we can have a yard I’m a little more quiet although some of you might think of me as trailer trash is that is where I am moving to did you have a nice setup I’m moving and packing this week maybe by the end of June all be done


Wow, best of luck with the move DrZen. Moving can be quite stressful though, so make sure you try to keep your stress levels low!


Great to hear youre getting a new place @DrZen it must be exciting! Hope youre doing well

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What health problems they always seem to get you down best thing you can do is focus on a a hobby that helps your focus we are moving to be closer to family where I can share my Hobbies with my grandkids


That sounds great DrZen, I’m really happy for you. It might just be what you need.

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Good wishes for your new home.

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