Most people on here have good intentions

And that’s what counts. Not everybody’s advice or answers help all the time including mine, but it’s nice to come here and know that most people want to be good and help the best they can. Some people fall short of that goal but it’s the intentions that matter and their heart is in the right place.


Everybodys heart is in the right place its schizophrenia that puts the mind in left and right and up and down places.


your right nick.

here’s to good good intentions :beers: :blush:


good intentions.that’s how we have schizophrenia

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Can’t Remember tha Thread (OR) Topic e(Y)e Created , (coma and such) … ,

e(Y)e Do Altho , Remember Talking About , “intentions” … ,

As We Drift Along Our Personal Mazes , With Dead Ends Stop Signs and Road Blocks , What it Comes Down To is Our Rightfully Owned Intentions … ,

Goes All tha Way Back to Our Designed Selves … ,

Tha Creators Intentions Are Completely Plus Plus … ,

Free-Will As Despised of a Robotic Lemming Factory (makes no sense here either) … ,

Either Way , TRUTH , Free-Willed With a Solid Foundation of " Good " Intentions Can , and Will Onli Lead Us Towards and Into a Sparkling Stream of Forgiveness and Hope … ,

Naught to Mention , L.O.V.E. and Peace (!!!) ,

Yep Yep Yep … … …


Oh is THAT what causes schizophrenia. :wink:


because we r too kind to those people who had bad intention.they cheated on us.lots,lies

u won’t find out when u take medicine
i have plenty friends like so.jealous of pride.■■■■■■■■ racist lying backstabber.all kinds sort