More than 40% of people with mental health problems have let someone use their bank cards

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Not me, maybe when I was younger. Only time this happens now, is when I leave it in the store parking lot.

There is never money in my account. I got debit card. The second money gets in it gets out. No paranoia over money.

I used to let people use my cards, but lately with my friends we just PayPal each other instead.

Oh i do this
Too trusting


Thats surprisingly high. I would trust family with it if that ever came up -but it wouldn’t (im the only broke ■■■■■ in this family).

Is this make 77nick77 feel guilty night?
OK, I confess, years ago I had a couple of roommates and one of them had paranoid schizophrenia too. I was in my addiction and I had no money and no food (a common state for people who smoke crack). We were kind of friends and he had money in the bank and he offered his debit card to me to withdraw $70.00 from his account to buy groceries for myself and come right back.

Well, I withdrew about $300 and bought some crack, met some hookers, and stayed with one of them and her pimp/boyfriend in a motel room shooting heroin and didn’t come back for three days.

Some interesting things happen but I left them and went home and when I got there my roommate was furious. He told me he had police from three cities looking for me and he told me he was going to sue me and he later told me he had sat in the living room for a whole day with his gun planning to shoot me when I walked in the door.

I was really surprised to hear all that because since I was a crack addict I did stuff like that all the time and figured it was no big deal. It kind of hurt my feelings that he wanted to shoot me.

I stupidly let an ex-friend enter my PIN at an ATM once. Needless to say he took my card out of my wallet and drained about $300 from my account so he could spend it on some lame girlfriend of his. I caught his dumbass. He paid me back but ■■■■. So now I’m much more careful about my PIN.

Not us. We’re two scrooges in that regard.

To my brother, yes. He bought a game worth 60 dollars.


I let a couple of people use my bank card a couple of times. But not anymore.
The guy in question took 100 out when i only asked for twenty. Soon got the money back tho, cos my proper mates confronted him and made him give me the cash back, or face being battered and carted off to hospital lol.

Only person i trust is my twin brother now - we quite often wire money back and forth when we are skint between paydays lol.

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