Mood disorder vs schizoaffective, whats the difference

Anyone know the difference between those two.

Schizoaffective = Mood disorder + SZ.

Schizoaffective is usually diagnosed if psychosis still occurs over 2 weeks after a mood episode(depression or mania) has ended.

So basically mood disorder with psychotic symptoms is the same as SZA… I thought its different diagnosis.

For me-I think they all amount to the same thing. It`s just a matter of degree. There are different degrees of Autism. Plus, I think it helps a doctor decide how to treat.

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I have been diagnosed with bipolar I (a mood disorder) and schizoaffective disorder. It is my understanding that mood disorders include major depressive disorder, mood disorders (bipolar I, bipolar II), and anxiety disorders. Schizoaffective disorder is considered a schizophrenic spectrum disorder. So, for instance I have mania, depression, hypomania, visual and auditory hallucinations.