Money in my account


Someone has put £1200 in my account and i dont know where its come from. Should i phone the bank and find out or just spend it? The payee is blank on my statement so its not from the DWP.

I dont know whether to be happy or worried! God knows i need the money - i just wanna make sure its legitimate.


Hhhmmm, that’s a debacle. On one hand you could be honest and risk losing the money…on the other hand you could spend it but then be at risk of someone coming to claim the money and you being asked to pay it back.

I imagine if you need the money, this would be a very tempting situation. However, maybe you should admit the error to the bank. It wouldn’t be nice being asked to pay back the money to someone if you’ve already spent it. Or maybe you could just leave it in your account for a while and see if the bank contact you because of the error. Either way, tough one.


You should let know the bank


Phoned the bank - and its a compensation payment from a firm i dealt with over a year ago to do with Payment Protection on a loan i had years back with HSBC. So its mine! Worry over - I can have a nice christmas now :smiley:


Good on you! What a nice pay day! Glad to hear your Christmas is going to be a good one. Spoil yourself, or others, rotten.


Wow lucky u man I wish ■■■■ like that happened to me


Thank you! gonna spend a bit upgrading the computer to a couple of 4TB Hard drives and some xbox games :smiley:


You should definitely contact the bank and figure out where it came from. Spending it could lead to trouble if it’s a mistake.

EDIT: NM, I should read the whole thread. Congrats.


What a wonderful surprise!


That’s great that the money turned out to legitimately be yours! Just in time for the holidays too!!! Awesome!!!


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