Mo Betta Scotty Cartoon :)


I’ve no idea how you manage to do it. plus the music too! these cartoons always cheer me up.

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Ty for letting me know . being a troubled sz im glad i do some good

Is Scotty a Scottish Terrier? Because that is just too cool if he is!

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he is a Scottish Caveman RockStar :slight_smile:

here is last years vid

You should make a thread that has all the silly scotty videos in one place :smile:

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im working toward a new full rock video that will have the best cuts :slight_smile: i just enjoy sharing my progress cause im a big kid at heart lol

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I cant wait for the full video

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itll take a bit of time… ive been wanting to use all local Northern California footage for fx backgrounds…

its been raining alot lately so not much footage just yet.
this is a pic from the web