A new Scotty vid brewing.... Sharing progress 8.20.16

Fried eyes on the screen currently so it may be a few days or a week or so to continue but here is a new vid I’m at


Scooootty! :grin:

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ok i gave in and finished it :slight_smile:


i like the new song… and nice background scenery pics… like the special effects of the colors!

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Ty @anon7022989. My animation needs work :grinning: but I’m getting better little by little :grinning: eventually Scotty will be as smooth as a pro toon :grinning:

Nice video! The first background looks like the red rocks in Sedona, AZ.

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They very well may be @Moonbeam Im using photos of a friends… I didn’t ask her where what was… I assume it is Arizona… :grinning: she’s looking forward to seeing this… I hope she likes it