Missed Interview because of panic attack

I am over it now, but I cancelled the interview 30 mins before it was due to start

They were really nice, and now I have another chance on 10th May

This time it’s 9am, so I won’t have a chance to get anxious again I hope

Such nice people that they understood and still want to see me :slight_smile:

Hopefully that’s a good sign


That’s a very good sign! Good luck :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. What’s the worst that could happen?

That they don’t like you and don’t hire you.

Who cares about that!?

Just think of it as a positive experience to test your interview skills and assess whether or not you’re ready to go back to work.

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I was in no state today

We have 2 meds changes coming up, so hopefully I will be in a better state Tuesday

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They seem really nice and understanding.
At least your being honest and authentic

Wasn’t your fault you had a panic attack. They pounce on us unexpectedly. And not very nice at all.

You did the right thing and as said you were honest


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Every interview is going to be nerve wracking at first, but it will get better if it’s meant to be. Try calming techniques and don’t put pressure on yourself before the next interview. If it’s for you, you will relax and be optimistic about it. Good luck.

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That’s a very good sign.
Panic attacks are awful
Glad you sorted things out

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Sorry you had an attack @Joker.
Good luck with the next interview.

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