Minds that were deeply disturbed



Great list. Lists of famous people with SZ tend to be so few because they don’t take into account the massive numbers of great people who have had it in ages past. So many of the philosophers, poets, and political greats have been m.i.

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Very interesting article.

I have a William James book, and I’ve heard that Wealth of Nations is pretty phenomenal.

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What do you mean “were”???

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Pythagoras was hearing voices.
a² + b² = c²
source: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Philip-Thomas-ebook/dp/B000OI18TA
If someone is interested in reading the book, I would be interested in a summary.


Not to mention Wittgenstein. Apparently, he was out of his mind because he was gay and didn’t want to be gay.

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And schizophrenic Terry A. Davis, who created an operating system TempleOS, by himself… sadly he died at age 48.

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I’ve read a few novels that William’s brother, Henry James, wrote. H.L. Menken once said Henry James was the nicest woman he had ever met. Back then that had a totally different shock value than it has today. Henry James wrote in very long, maundering sentences, and some writer said about him that “he chews more than he bites off”. That was literally true. He had some kind of disorder where he chewed his food more than he needed to.
I’ve never read Wittgenstein, but I think it was him who this World War I scholar said he earned a high award for valor from the Germans in WWI. I think he stayed on the front line and continued to call in artillery fire when the rest of his unit was retreating.
I haven’t read much of Nietzsche, but just from a glance at his writings I don’t care for his philosophy at all.

hehe terry davis was an interesting character yea =)

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Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Brian Wilson, Syd Barrett

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