Mid-life crisis

I’m going through a mid life crisis. I want to buy a motorcycle, jump out of a plane, get tats and gauges. How did you satiate your mid-life crisis if you had one?


I just stuffed a sock down there.


I was diagnosed at 39. So my mid life crisis was spent recovering from schizophrenia instead of dating younger women and driving around in a Porsche.

So maybe that’s a good thing :wink:


I’ve gotten tattoos since I was 18 and body piercings since I was 16 I find these things fun and cool! I say you be you if you wanna get this stuff cool! No shame!


I’m thinking about getting “your name” tattooed on my butt.


I’m over my mid life crisis. A couple of year’s ago when I turned 50 I started feeling as though I only had a few good years left before I died so like you I felt like I had to do all this stuff, it was stressful. I realized that even though I’m middle aged I could still enjoy life, like going for nice walks, reading books that interested me, having meaningful relationship’s with people not just sexual ones. Life is always changing, so I decided that as I grow older I’ll change with it.

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I’m really leaning towards a motorcycle. My dad said if I got one he’d put a boot on it. Lol

“Life is always changing” - That’s wisdom.

I’m only 30 so maybe it’s a mid mid-life crisis.

No mid life crisis. Just getting older and enjoying it.

My midlife crisis occurred recently at age 61. I suddenly realized that I pretty much wasted the last 16 years with a woman who didn’t deserve the time of day from me.

I also realized I was living a bare bones lifestyle and for no reason other than I was a miser. I was basically giving myself no perks. And why???

So, I gave myself a new, 2 bed, 2 bath apartment with balcony, Netflix, YouTube premium, monthly massages, and weekly Spanish tutoring. I’m living the life now.


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