Microsoft wants to use AI to make CRISPR more accurate


This is big big news.
It can pull a lot of people out of misery towards a better life.
It can save lives and drastically improve life quality for lots and lots of people.
Good luck to Microsoft and its supporters in the United States!


Will it help with sz…


If sz is cure-able by ‘correcting’ genes then most definitely


@Myakster are u from israel…???


@far_cry0 yea man, you are from Nepal right?


I have met few person from israel in this forum they seems preety decent and talented…for eg…

@ola she is geniously talented artist…
@Chess24 is talented on his own…

U look handsome in the photograph…

What do u eat to become so talented…

Do u work in a job … are u high functional @Myakster… take care homie…


Thanks man, I try to eat healthy, lots of vegetables…
I’ve started a new job today, delivering newspaper on an electro-bike early in the morning.
I don’t know if I’m high functioning but I do my best to do as much as I can… it’s very hard
You are a cool guy @far_cry0 you know how to be likeable and I highly respect you for that
How is your day going? do manage to enjoy your daily routine? take care man


Thanks @Myakster for ur kind word… i am low functioning sz … i cant work… i have tons of negative symptoms along cognitive symptoms …

I was never social since kid i was very shy i hate socialization… now i realize i should have been more social in my childhood days i still think i could avoided sz if i was medicated on time…my past gives me lot of trouble…

I use this forum as only one medium to socialize…

So i call every member of this forum brother and sister it helps to feel relived…i want to be good son…

My parent made a mistake at certain time thats why i am szphernic…

Btw how is ur negative symptoms… do u work part or full time…


Your story is inspiring @far_cry0 , you are doing it right brother, at least from what can be seen here on the forum
Your parents mean well for you
I work part time, 3-4 hours 6 days a week, but it’s not a very demanding job… but I don’t know if I’ll be able to commit to it
I hope your negative symptoms will get better someday, you are a great guy


@far_cry0 I did not know I was so valued by you, thanks it warms me up and self-confidence, you yourself are a great person and nice, always good to hear from you
@Myakster From which area are you in the Israel?


Hey @ola I currently live in Haifa, my family lives in a small city near Jerusalem
Where are you from?


Hey, I’m currently living in Kiryat Shmona, assuming it’s temporary until I finish college, but I’ve lived almost everywhere in the country
are you living alone?


I can almost relate to it, got out of my parents house when finished high school
I am living alone now
Are you too?


Yes, I live in student dormitories, I finally live alone without partners, Because of disability they give me the possibility, this is the first time I have lived alone in my whole life, and it’s so good


That’s awesome
I am happy for you, leaving home was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made
Do you study in the Tel-Hai collage? I’ve heard that this is a great place!


Yes I’m in Tel Hai, right :slight_smile:
I’ve been studying for a year in the arts, they do not give a degree in art, only a general degree, and it costs twice. In the first two years the state paid me, and now I’m waiting for the last year to be approved.
This is the best years of my life,
you learn? Getting help from the state? And if so, what do you learn?


I’m glad to hear that you are having success with your degree and most importantly having fun getting it
I’ve tried to study computer science in the open university of Israel, but I hated every moment of it.
I like programming, maybe I’ll get back to studying later in life
Now I want to focus on making a game for PC

Have you met people with sz in this collage?


I dont know anyone personally with schizophrenia at college, but I once saw a student in what I thought was a psychotic attack, I dnot know how to help him, I experienced something Similar and a friend helped me (related to lack of control over the body) but I did not know … pity
I wish I met someone with schizo, I have an freand (cinda) from Metula, but as a guy he’s pretty dumb and you cant talk to him about interesting things. He also drinks a lot and once when he was drunk he almost attacked me,
wana be freands on facebook?


Sounds awful…

Sure, I’ll pm you my name