Mick Jaggar comes out as schizophrenic

…would be a headline I would like to see. Instead of fronting the Stones he could be the new face of schizophrenia (or old face I guess).


Who is Mick jaggar.

Hey, this is a clickbait lol


@Om_Sadasiva, I don’t like for any body to be supposed as schizophernic.

I rarely have sex so I can’t get no satisfaction.

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But funny……………

I’d like to see Jagger doing the thorazine shuffle.

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To the tune of “Beast of Burden”?

I am hungry. djkfdkf

Huh? I just ate but what does that have to do with this?

It doesn’t I was trying to be funny but fail :disappointed_relieved:

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Now you know how I feel every day, lol.


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