MHA Month: Coping Skills

Today’s Mental Health Awareness Month topic is: Coping Skills!
What coping skills do you use for psychosis?
Coping skills for anxiety?
Coping skills for depression?
Any other coping skills or grounding techniques?


I take my meds and avoid stress.

I take supplements that chill me out.

Abilify has antidepressant qualities so I’m lucky there.


I treat myself like I would treat a depressed friend. Put on some music I like, treat myself to good food, make sure I’m comfortable and that I have something I enjoy to watch or do.

I find breathing in squares to help when I’m having an anxiety attack.
What I do is, I find a sqare to look at. Computer screen, door frame, mirror, doesn’t matter.
Then I slowly let my eyes wander across one side while I inhale, another side while I hold my breath, the third side while I exhale, and the last side while I hold my breath.
It keeps me so focused on the breathing I forget to have anxiety, and the deep breaths help calm my body down.

Psychosis: I make sure there’s as little external stimuli as possible. I stay away from noise and strangers, but make sure I have someone online to talk to should I need it. Sometimes I even shut off the lights and just listen to music. I find music really helps.


I can’t outthink my schizophrenia. Only coping skills I know are medication and supplements. Trying to control my thoughts too hard has the opposite effect, it makes me more stressed out.

But maybe that’s a thing. Relax and find your center, don’t push too hard. It makes life more livable.

When you are more stable you can push harder and physically change your reality, but until then you have to be all gentle with your headspace or you’ll relapse or something.

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These all sound great @everhopeful @naturallycured @Pikasaur nice positive feedback


Taking my meds religiously and staying active.

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