Merry Christmass all!

What you all doing to celebrate? Im going to eat mama’s good cooking… YEWW!


I’m going to read a good book today. Get things ready for visiting relatives this coming week. :slight_smile:

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I’ll have a party with my extended family tonight. Which reminds me I have to go prepare the Mascarpone because like every year they demand my contribution to the party. I am not enthusiastic about the party, mainly because I’ll have to be merry which means lots of masking and eating things outside my diet, which is very frustrating when almost imposed like this, I’ll try to eat very slowly and hope nobody finds out that I’m not stuffing my face even more and gives me crap about it.

As usual I’ll be the 30 year old kid since I’m the only one without a partner, heck my nephew and niece are kids and they have a girlfriend and boyfriend, although thankfully they aren’t coming for the night. Anyways I’ve gotten very good at dissociating and letting my mask act out the room, it’s just draining and will probably result in me finding a couch to crash on somewhere in the middle of the evening.

Don’t take my ranting too seriously though, I just like to complain. It’s just another day and it too shall pass. I just wish my mandated social interactions could hold something to look forward to and that’s just not the case, but it’s not like I dread them or anything like that. It’s just sad how useless the whole thing feels at a personal level considering how much I have to work for it and be engaged in it. Even gift wise I’ve taken to just asking for people to give to the homeless since there’s literally nothing I want. Hopefully somebody will have fun and it will have been worth it for them.

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