Mental illness is such a taboo topic to tell

I don’t like being mentally ill because its a story that you can never share with anyone.So I rather just leave little space about mental illness and cover my life with other topic


im always very out with talking about mental health, both mine and in general, which is probably a part of why people think im very strange


I don’t like to talk about it.People do judge,so I rather know it by myself and try to talk other stuff.Mental illness sucks

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I find that I wind up knowing more about psychology than anyone I know, so if they suppose I’m scz or if I were to tell them, I know what it is, and they do not.

I used to have a dreaded fear of people knowing in the past though. I mean I couldn’t even open my mouth a peep about it, or I would completely relapse into a choking, stuttering mush in a bomb fallout panic attack.

Brains are something I understand very well now, and that’s what has changed.

It’s not like I’m going to go tell everyone. If I ever have to come close to it, I say I’m PTSD. There are so many PTSD people these days that they immediately side with me about it. I hate to admit even that though because then that’s points of of how sure they are about you, so I have to really dig in with my best foot, and show proof over proof have have all of my faculties in tiptop rational working order.

The more points you have against you, the more you have to prove you are perfect. It’s all or nothing because there is no in between and average for someone like us.

IT IS difficult I go to a women’s grouo that’s not for mentally ill people and I told them I went to this group and they asked what it was for and I had to say hearing voices and I flet like THEY MIGHT judge me for it.
But when I go to the hearing voices network group obviousley everyone else there hears voices I never mention it unless I have to really.

I like to talk about mental illness because I think that it affects a lot more people then you would know. Generally if you talk about these things somebody can relate in a way. Everyone has there own struggle. The more openly it’s discussed the quicker we can end stigma. It’s based off ignorance so if we educate people it will be more respected and understood.


I am happy to discuss mental illness in a general sense but not my own personal issues you know?

I don’t come in contact with anyone that I feel has a need to know that I have schizophrenia, however, if I did I certainly wouldn’t use it as an icebreaker. I would let the person get to know me for a period of time, and if there’s a story about mental health, or schizophrenia in specific, then I would broach the subject.

There are basically two ways to persuade a person to do something: A head argument and/or a heart argument.

If there’s a Bill that would ban people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia from becoming school teachers, you could knock on doors and show the homeowner lots of charts and graphs that prove that there is no reason to ban a person with schizophrenia from becoming a school teacher.

On the other hand, you can start off by showing the homeowner some charts and graphs, but then say, “I have schizophrenia, and I’m a school teacher, so if this Bill becomes law I’m going to lose my job.” Now it’s personal.


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