Mental illness charities

Does anyone know some good mental health charities? I am going to donate 50% of the REVENUE to MI charities and I want to pick a few good ones. Any suggestions?

I received the newsletter of did you?

Have not 15151616

They mentioned in the newsletter they got problems in delivery.

I pay monthly to my national organization for the mentally ill.

I guess there is such an organization for every country.


A sz forum mod just shut down my post about my charity site, I’m not giving any there… which sucks cause it was part of my inspiration

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Yeah, it was a part of the newsletter. I don’t like it either so far.

What do you mean part of the newsletter? What was?

They made all these tests to cure sz.

Any work? 151616 go amyloban

What is amyloban???

Oh clinically proven to reduce symptoms of sz hallucinations people compared it to invega and clozapine, I’ve been on it for years and my mom takes it for age related mental decline

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Its going to be ok.

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