Mental health trigger tension headaches? Is it possible?

I struggle with tension headaches on daily basis that don’t go away that I feel has nothing to do with my mental health issues, but at the same time it contributes to it. Do you any of you deal with this or is it more or less just flatness and numbing?

I’m just looking for a reality check because I’ve been struggling with this for about 13yrs now. First it started out as sinus issues and them some how it traveled to my brain created schizophrenia. Its all messed up and I so want the symptoms to go away forever and ever!..

I’ve tried medications for it and it only makes sick and I it has not affect on me and I’ve even up the dosage to try and nothing but I stopped taking that about 6 months ago and actually feel better then I did while on the medications. All I needed was some motivation and countering my mental health issues to more positive things in my life. Honestly if my mental health issues were motivation and music you would never see me or if you did. I would be in serenity!

Anybody struggle with this. Id like some input. Thanks

while some people do suffer headaches during particularly bad bouts, it is not a direct cause and effect actually.

the likely answer is, your stress from your symptoms causes your tension head aches, as tension head ahces are caused by stress chemicals in your brain.

I too suffer chronic head aches, have since I was 13, and they come on a regular basis (about 30-40 days apart) and last anywhere from 4-20 days at a time. at times they can be so bad I cant even move my body and need a trip to the ER…

Yeah I get head aches but I’m not sure what kind. I think maybe thunderclap but I’ve had them for years and haven’t died. While they aren’t always a sign of a life threatening crisis, I think I meet the symptoms for these.

I get very painful headaches very suddenly for a few seconds, sometimes longer. I’ve had the pains every since my first breakdown and they come and go with random frequency. Sometimes they can be every day. Sometimes they don’t come up. I used to think it would be the winter when it’s cold that triggered them but that is definitely not the case.

I tried to get them taken care of but the mental health system is so screwy that I kept getting set backs until my car ended up breaking down so I couldn’t make it to the appointments anyway. It’s been 2 months since I did anything about them.

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I suffer from migraines when I’m placed under stress. Spending two weeks with strangers in my space and having them constantly touching me and sticking things into me did NOT help. I’m still messed up and popping Tylenol. The migraines got so bad in the hospital that they were knocking them down with morphine (up to 8 out of 10 on the pain scale they use). It seems to be more of an autism thing than an SZ thing, but I can’t always tell where one begins and the other ends.

I will tell you that the day of all the failed IV needle attempts messed me up enough that I needed Atavan, which I never need. And the angiogram sucked – my being resistant to local anesthetic made that a real terror. They had to sedate me after that as well.

Do I get tension headaches from MH related stress? Hell yeah.

Thanks for the input!
Yeah I’ve tried all sorts of medications and it just doesn’t seem to work. I was up to 5 different medications at one point and none of it worked. I got no feelings from. It wasn’t effective at all and the only thing that happened from it was weight gain! Which I’ve been managing right now but I’ve been this heavy a couple of times in my life usually I’m between 200-165 and I’m well over that. I continue to have symptoms after stopping the meds, like I don’t sweat enough even though I get enough water a fluids in me everyday, I’m constantly constipated, I have no throbbing headaches what so ever or endorphin rushs when I workout, I have foggy thinking at times and its really hard to see through at times even with hope which I carry every day, my tension headaches I get no relief from whats so ever its been 13yrs now like this and every minute of the day that’s all I think about except when I’m on here surfing the web or doing things then I just get carried away and lose track of time.

Right now in my recovery. I’ve been experiencing a lot of feelings about my tension headaches and it just gets to me on daily basis. Its like everyday I try to think my way out of my feelings of the tension hoping that it will go away. I’ve been working on countering it with more positive reinforcements, because your body tends to go into fight flight mode when it recognizes threats and so I have to learn and be aware of my body language and how I’m responding to my problems, and its been working a lot more then I thought it would which is great.

Mostly with my mental health issues its under control. I have no stress with it at all. I live a normal life like anybody else. In the past it wasn’t this bad but once I got “diagnosed” it just started get worse over time how odd! huh?.. Right now I’m on way to saving 6k a year and I’m pretty much making my money work for me. Nothing wrong with that. I get these rewards through my bank but it pays off the more I spend etc. Its pretty good. I’ve tried changing things in my life. I’ve been sober 4yrs now, I do some volunteer work for a couple days a week, I’m reading about 3-4 books a month right now getting close I should say, I workout almost everyday either outside or at my apartment, I try to go out and see a movie once or month or be around different people. I’ve tried all of it to get some relief and nothing seems to work.

the more I dig into my mental health problems. I actually got more relief then anything because I went beyond the call of duty to understand fully what the hell has been going on with me. How I feel more or less like a targeted psychic individual, because of uncle sams which hunts that they have. Its not just foreign but it has to do with psychics as well and they target them and they tell them they have this mental health issue like sychizophrenia and that’s truly what I believe because my symptoms are inconsistent and I feel like I’m being feigned to death hahahaha… I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that sees things this way but I choose to do things this way because of some of my circumstances and my delusions and how I feel theres a conspiracy over my head, but with higher authority with people with psychotronics, because they have this website and they have a bunch of information online about things pertaining to issues like these. I feel this conspiracy is based around networked psychotronics and network centric warfare and irregular warfare and the best tool or advantage is the getting the massage across loud and clear what its really about.

Anyways Ill stop with the ranting on my mental health issues! Thanks for the input guys hope you have a wonderful day!