Mental Health Hospitals: YOUR Experience?

I’m really curious to what everyone’s experience with mental health hospitals is. Every time that I’ve been manic I’ve been forced against my will and put in one for a month each time. I would say that it has been good and bad, but mainly good. Whenever I am in one though I am extremely horny lmao. It’s like the close proximity of everyone makes me go crazy. I’m always admitted except 1 time, to Western State Hospital in Virginia. It is a co-op dorm with individual rooms and we have video games, a movie room, games, a library, gym, basketball court, canteen etc. So, it’s not too bad. There was one time I was there and someone got their eye stabbed out by a girl with a pencil and he was already blind in the other eye tho…Also one time this girl got jealous that I was talking to someone else and she told them I raped her. Thankfully they have cameras and saw that I was no where near her when she said I raped her.


I was formerly a guest at the children’s building of this hospital. I won’t name it, but it’s undergone a name change since I was there. Anyway, my experiences have been negative, but I also haven’t been to a hospital for 21 years. Back then, they were all decaying, rotting buildings with paint flaking off. Forced injections were a daily occurrence. Restraints were a thrice weekly affair. Surprisingly, all of them have had good food.

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Yea, I hear a while ago they used to be really bad. They used to be REALLY bad in the medieval times! I have seen forced injections and was forced in the “chair” twice and given haldol. They food is pretty ok. They just don’t give you enough! Their portions are like for children. Thankfully they had 2 snack times after. Why were they so negative for you particularly?

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Well, in my early days of being admitted way back when, I was put in restraints 13 times in 3 months under the reign of a despotic nurse. I did not appreciate that. Kinda left a foul taste in my mouth, ya know? The “education” they try to give the teens is only there to say they’ve been teaching you. But when your classroom is full of psychotic kids drooling from Haldol and Thorazine, you ain’t gettin’ a lot of teaching done. I was forcibly committed for over 90 days twice, and once for 22 months. I feel I was robbed of two years.

I remember the food not being enough. Seems some things never change. :frowning:

OMG 22 months! Yeah, I’ve learned from a few experiences that you have to play their “game” to get out faster. I hated all those stupid classes we needed to go to. One class we watched a Netflix show that featured a Mexican Drug lord. It was soo stupid! They were telling us not to do drugs but then showing a Mexican drug lord live it lavishly up! I can’t imagine being in there for soo long. I feel like my life was stolen from being in there a few months as a sum of like 5 times, but 2 years is excessive! There are a lot of power hungry nurses or “pnas” that try to get you in the chair or take a shot when they don’t want to deal with you. I hated that part. I just mainly liked that it made me better and that I made some friends out of it.

Most of my stays in mental hospitals haven’t been bad, except for the times when I was on a major tranquilizer. That was miserable. The one private mental hospital I’ve been in was full of creature comforts. There was always a box of donoughts sitting out somewhere. You had to watch out, or you’d gain weight.

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All my hospital stays were fine except the two in Poplar Springs, VA. They sent me there twice and it was a 2 or 3 hour drive to get there. One time I was there, I shared a room with a guy who wore a diaper who stunk a lot. The other time I was there I was losing my mind from all the people who just wouldn’t stop talking to themselves. They let me into a lower-risk ward when I asked if they could help, and the people there were a lot more together. Plus there was only 5 of us, compared to like a dozen or more in the other unit.

Both times they shot me up with Invega which gave me horrible akathisia, so I just spent the days walking in circles. They were bad experiences mostly because I get grouped with people who are scary and don’t have many boundaries like most people do.

I’m really glad I no longer have to be hospitalized. It’s been over two years since my last one.

I’m glad that you haven’t been in one for 2 years! CONGRATS! That must’ve sucked for you family to drive 6 or so hours to get you and drive back! I went to one in Williamsburg thinking it would be better than Western State and I had to share a room. I got into a fight with a guy who attacked me because I think he was jealous that I was talking to this girl. After that they put me in a calmer unit. The food was good there tho. I hope I never have to be hospitalized again as well! Invega has made me stable.

Except for the time I was held down to be given a Haldol shot, most of my experiences with being held in the hospital were OK. There of course, were annoying residents, but for the most part it was just boring as hell.

Only had 4 short visits many years ago. When i just had the Eupd diagnosis.

None with the Sz. Too much crazyness goes on in them places.

I was mostly bored and paranoid.

I usually go to the VA hospital for treatment Wich is very good, your treated with respect and the food is good, it’s just boring because theirs not much to do. I’ve been to the state hospital twice, spent about a year in treatment, it sucked, people sreaming all the time also getting violent. The only good thing is that you got to go outside and go for a walk by yourself if you had passes. We also had something called the Wilson treatment mall Wich is were we had group’s.

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I had good experiences and bad experiences in mental health hospitals. generally i dont want to go back to them, i havent in 4 years.

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Been at least 15 years for me now since I’ve been in one. Maybe longer, you lose track as time passes. The last time I was in one there was one TV that the neurotic women controlled, so nothing interesting to watch. No snacks. Small portion meals. No activities. No wi-fi back then. Just very boring and you were glad to leave. I was there because I needed to be, but it sure wasn’t enjoyable.

The other patients… Ugh. I don’t enjoy being around other MI in person. I’ve always believed in saving Hell for after I die.

@Echo_Hello you look just like a guy I met in a psych hospital although can’t really tell by your pic. But I don’t think you’re him judging by what youve typed lol. But there were some coincidences in what you said

In that stay, a woman developed dementia from meds during my stay there. She came in fine. She left with dementia. Due to a wrong mix of antipsychotics/over medication.

Also a kid punched a girl and started choking her my last day there.

Fortunately you were there to break up the fight haha jk. Or the guy who looks like u.

I’ve only been hospitalized 3 times, first time for 9 days involuntary, 2nd time 30 days involuntary, last time 3 days voluntary. The first time was traumatic, and people kept feeding into my delusions, the 2nd time was more relaxed environment but still wacky, there were a few fights and I remember I called a lawyer I saw on the main to tv and asked if they would get me out of there lol. The first stay they let me go with a bus pass when I was still very psychotic, I think because they had so many people coming in everyday. My stays seems mellow compared to some of the stories I’ve read here.

The first mental health facility I was put in for 5 months wasn’t that bad as far as captivity goes. There was a gymnasium with a basketball court, a workout room, several TV’s, a sony playstation, we were free to walk around the grounds and go for a smoke when we wanted to. There was a cafeteria to get coffee. They had a billiard room with several pool tables. It was by far the best place I’ve been in because they afforded you some freedom

The psych wards in the two hospitals I’ve been in were a totally different story. 1 TV for about 20-30 people. Nothing to do, boring as hell, you were locked in on the floor. I hated every minute of it. I was in there twice for 2 weeks at a time about a month apart. Another hospital I was in was a total hole in the ground, dilapidated and awful, I was only there for the weekend thank goodness.

I found them somewhat helpful, basically they had daily classes that taught you about mental illness and CBT, I found that interesting.

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I’ve always been cooperative with the hospital staff so my experience(s) have always been good.

There’s always, however, those few doctors/nurses that U just wanna punch in the face.

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i was 2 times in the psych ward for 4 months each. The first time i was in it was terrible and i hated it there but the second psych ward i was at was kinda nice… i actually got some help there. I’m glad i’m back home though now. I hope i don’t have to go back anymore.

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same here, i was in hospital for 4 months it sucks, food was given in small portions, i was always hungry, snacks were horrible, peanut and jelly sandwiches and tuna sandwiches omg are you serious, this how you treat your patients, regular hospitals have way better food than this, i just dont understand why they gave us crappy foods, the state pays for these hospitals, at least gives us a decent meals everyday.


Hospitals are always boring for me.
I just try to sleep
as much as possible.