Mental Health Help in Malaysia / Clubhouses?

Check this out:

D’ Home Mental Health Association is a non-governmental organization set up in late 2004 and officially registered on March 10, 2006 under the Societies Act 1966, Malaysia.

D’ Home is located at :
66, Lintang Bukit Jambul, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: (60) 4-643 4432
Fax: (60) 4-643 4432

D’ Home (Butterworth Branch) is located at :
4-3A-A, NB Plaza, 3000, Jalan Baru,
13700 Seberang Perai,Penang.


I wish i can go there but it’s far away from me…

Call them and ask if they know of any similar places or services closer to you

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I hope @Plumber1 sees this. He was a really good guy. Helped me out a lot I really liked him.

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I mighta learned a thang or two.

i joined a mental health club house here in Ireland, i didnt like it so i left

**These clubhouses are popping up everywhere.
My sister helped raise funds for one in San Mateo, Ca.
@mussel also helped set one or two up where he lives! **

I wish more young ppl would go to these places

Problem is you get some shady people going to these places. I guess it’s better than nothing. Just have to deal with feeling uncomfortable.

My house phone was out of order last month. So i wrote emails to them but i got no respond. I call them yesterday and leave my email address but they didnt reply to me. I decided to make a second call but the phone is out of order again.

@Plumber, @Gtx1990 Can you guys help me to call them please? I live in Seremban.

Sure. I will let you know later.

Thanks :smiley:

No one is answering the phone. I will try again next week. May be you can PM me your contact details so that I can refer them to you.