medwireNews - Integrated measures to prevent nonadherence underused in schizophrenia

By Sarah Pritchard, medwireNews Reporter
10 April 2014
Psychiatr Serv 2014; Advance online publication
medwireNews: German study results show that psychiatrists often underestimate treatment nonadherence in schizophrenia patients and that integrated care interventions to improve adherence are underused.

The main barriers to such interventions, as identified by the 121 physicians in the study, were limited resources, such as staff shortages, and organisational issues, such as a lack of proper discharge planning.

Prior research indicates that multimodal adherence-improving measures can improve medicine adherence, “including, for example, organizational, psychosocial, and behavioral interventions, as well as an increased use of depot medication”, explain Johannes Hamann (Technical University of Munich) and co-researchers.

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Not to mention underfunding.
Paraphrasing-you can tell the integrity of a nation by the way they
treat their elderly and disabled.
Can`t remember who said that-maybe Churchill

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