Comparing cognitive functions in medication adherent and non-adherent patients with schizophrenia


Cognitive deficits, especially verbal memory and executive functions were the strongest patients’ related factors associated with non adherence to medication. Psychiatrists ought to consider possible cognitive factors influencing adherence to enable offering proper interventions.

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[quote=“firemonkey, post:1, topic:33347”]
is under investigated with limited and conflicting research data.
[/quote]Yeah… about that. I want to see numbers & graphs, not just words before I start giving into such controversy.

That sounds like some dollar store baloney.

I found this interesting:

Adherent patients (31.2%) had significantly higher mean scores for the total, verbal and performance IQ.

Its not obvious what university / research center they were associated with… let me hunt around a bit to see if I can find out.

Hmmm - University of Cairo Egypt - not exactly the epicenter of schizophrenia research excellence. Lets see what the centers known for more rigorous academic centers say on this topic… we’ll post when it comes out.

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