Meditation: do you find it more difficult than others you meet to sit still? (long term slight akisthesia)

i’m wondering because i’ve meditated more off than on for 28 years and i actually still have so much difficulty not moving i still often give up or lack acceptance
i see people sit with ease for 40 minutes 3 x a day and i find it difficult to settle and to remain settled
what do you do? if you have this problem
it’s rare i can focus enough
the reason i ask is i’m trying to meditate every morning and evening rather than just in groups or on retreat
i seem to be okay for about 3 minutes
this is a really long held problem


I would ask your pdoc for propranolol. 10 mg twice a day does it for me. No more restlessness. It’s the only med that works for my akathisia.

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i take that xx it’s not bad akisthesia
i’m quite used to it
i just find i’m restless
perhaps that’s something different
not huge discomfort i just move a lot
maybe i need to do more retreats on line and ask the questions again

I meditated quite a lot before my sz started. Now when I sit I sometimes have shaking left and right of the tailbone. It feels like autonomous activity so I cant control it by pure will. At first I felt like a failure at my inability to sit still but I mentally reframed it and am now more forgiving with myself.

If the shaking is to much I let it happen for some minutes. If its too much I just stop meditating and begin at another time. No point in beating oneself up.

Try meditating at various times in the day and see at what times shaking is not present, perhaps.

Meditation is great but i feel it should be tailormade for your ability.

Best wishes

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