Medication Woes

On July 17th my Geodon was increased to 60mg twice a day. Yesterday I realized I’m almost out of it, so I called the pharmacy to have it refilled. However, they said it was too soon. Turns out I can’t refill it until August 8th. When I talked to the pharmacist she said my insurance wouldn’t cover it early and I have two options. I can look around to see if it spilled, I’m not a child I know how to handle my meds, or I can call my insurance company and ask them to override it. I called the nurse at my pdoc’s office and she basically said you can’t get it filled until August 8th. From dealing with her before I’ve learned that she is completely useless. She didn’t offer any suggestions or any help. It was just like “oh well.” So if I end up in the hospital it will be my fault, because I was careless with my meds?!? Wtf! The pharmacy didn’t give me enough and it’s my fault. For a weeks supply it would be $69. I really don’t want to pay that. I left the nurse a message and asked if my pdoc could increase my dose a little so I could get a new script or if they could call in a weeks supply and I’ll pay for it out of pocket. I’m so aggravated! This year I have run into so many problems with my meds and have had people who were useless. The nurse at my pdoc’s office is the worst.She replaced another nurse who left which is a shame because she was great. Well that’s my gripe for today. Thanks for reading. :sunny:


I had a similar problem with my Saphris because its so expensive. The insurance would only cover 90 pills in 20 days of the month leaving me ten days short or 30 pills. My pdoc’s office covers the other ten days by giving me samples.

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The thing is my insurance covers it, but the pharmacy didn’t give me enough. I think I’m going to count my pills from now on when I pick them up. I’m sorry you ran into problems too. Doesn’t the insurance company realize that by paying for your meds you won’t have to go into the hospital thus saving them money. At least your pdoc’s office is able to help you. :sunny:

Are you saying that your doc changed your script in the middle of the month? If so, they should write a new script for the higher quantity. Or THEY should perform the over-ride with the insurance company. Its their responsibility–not yours.

I hope you can get this straightened out and not run out of your med.




I had to call my insurance company for a medication I was taking, but the clinic helped me by submitting some paperwork to them on why the pdoc felt I needed the medication. Any time he changes my medication he has to give a reason to the insurance company and pharmacy. It doesn’t sound like your pdoc did this. I’m sorry too that you are having to go through this ordeal.

@radmedtech no they didn’t change my dose. I started a new dose a couple of weeks ago and when I picked up the prescription it was supposed to have 60 pills which would last me a month. It had less than 30 so I ran out early. The pharmacy is making it out like they did not screw up that I must of spilled the pills out of the bottle. So now I have to pay almost $70 because my insurance company already paid for a month’s supply. I agree it’s not my responsibility, but I have to pay for someone else’s mistake. And the nurse at my pdoc’s office, who is supposed to help, was completely useless. Thanks Anthony.

@joanne thanks! No my pdoc doesn’t have to submit anything to my insurance company when they change my meds. My insurance is pretty good, it’s just the pharmacy screwed up.

Oh well, what can you do? :sunny:

Go the the manager at the pharmacists-make a little noise…in front of other customers

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Thanks but with my luck they would call the cops. I’m just gonna let it go, but count my pills from now on. I was able to get it resolved today at my pdoc’s office. The nurse I’ve been dealing with, who I no longer will be dealing with, called in a week’s supply to the pharmacy without asking a doctor if they would increase the dose so I wouldn’t have to pay for it. Then she never called to say it was at the pharmacy. I talked to a different nurse, who got the ok from a doctor, and she increased my dose just for the next week until my insurance will pay for a new script and gave me enough meds til then. With the other nurse I would have had to pay $70 of my own money for a weeks supply because she was too lazy to talk to a doctor. My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t do their jobs. Even writing this now I’m getting upset. This whole situation has left me really irritable today, which could also be because I have my period. My mom said I’m annoyingly irritable. I really don’t like being like this. Usually I’m a very pleasant person. I really hope this passes. When I feel a certain way I always assume it’s a permanent thing and then get suicidal because I don’t want to be like this the rest of my life. I’m also irritated because I started a new after care group today and it was not like how the old counselor ran it. There was no structure and it was not therapeutic at all. They were joking and talking about cooking while there were serious things I wanted to address. After an hour of bullshiting the counselor finally asked me why I decided to join the group and I told her about my medication issue. She said she would talk to the nurse with me after the group so that was good. It’s not easy for me to get to the group because I don’t have a car so I don’t want to go if it will be a waste of time. I’m sorry if I’m annoyingly irritable I just really needed to vent and I feel like no one is listening to me. I would have an easier time talking to monkeys. :partly_sunny:


Once I was given a bottle of gabapentin in a bottle labeled lithium. I took it back and the pharmacist said that I’D ‘put it back in the wrong bottle.’ I showed him the bottle of real lithium I’d gotten…he didn’t say anything.

Other than by a few people I’ve been treated well by pharmacists. I heard on the radio that there are pharmacies make it a practice to shortchange you on the no. of pills + you should count them.

Gotta love how the same health professionals who stress the importance of being med compliant place so many barriers in the way of it. Gaaaaak. Good on ya for following through and getting this sorted.


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Not to derail your topic but I had issues with my doctor’s nurse yesterday myself. I needed to see my GP about my diabetes and my back, which I recently hurt. My ride mentioned that next week Tues after noon and Wed after 1 would be best.

When I asked the nurse for an appointment and mentioned the times that would be best for me she said, “you can’t just pick and choose”. I told her that I’d then need to have my ride call to make the appointment so it would fit in her schedule and she said the doctor was booked through next month anyway.


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I have the same problem getting to doc appointments. I don’t drive, and my ride has to schedule time off from work to take me. So I have to schedule appointments usually months in advance.

If an urgent condition comes up, I’m screwed. I’ll have to shell out $50 for a taxi to take me to my appointment.

The pains of not driving…