Medication as prescibed

Does anyone here believe in taking there medications as prescribed?

My medicine is prescribed as per my approval or agreement.

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Yeah that’s alright Have u ever had one treat ur symptoms well enough that u felt really well

Geodon worked some wonders. Quit taking it because of frightening side effects + withdrawal symptoms from zyprexa. Planning to try it again.

Ok, I’m doing well on a depot Flupentixol don’t think it’s available in the states but back in 2008 or 09 I was offered Geodon but my mum told the psych team I’d had heart problems as a baby So they ruled it out
And from the research I did it can be be bit dodgy on the heart. What she and they don’t realise is I drink sometimes 20 cups of coffee and have no problems lol. I went off my depot a few years back I’d been on it since 2010 under doc orders Withdrawls were horrendous I had confusion and hullucination and sweating flu like symptoms and I was bed risen for a week (Never used heroin) but I assume that’s what it was like withdrawing from. The psych team & I decided if it’s working I may as well stay on it.

Funny, that’s what it was like coming off Geodon. That was the worse experience of my life. I even called the pdoc when I was going through it and he said there was nothing he could do, he had lowered me down to the lowest dosage and I just had to tough out the rest, he did prescribe some Klonopin for four days butitbarely helped. I am on Invega it’s a once a day tab, I take it as directed, when I miss the meds I feel awful…won’t go through that again if I can help it. Pdoc said from now on he will start me on new med while tapering me off old…thank God!

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You should set something up with your psychiatrist that is to both of your likings. Then take it until it stops doing what it is designed to do. Make adjustments with your pdoc as needed. Don’t self medicate. These drugs are volatile and can kill you if taken improperly and without supervision.

Geodon and Seroquel have given me a surprisingly good quality of life for someone who has to be on an AP. How people respond to a med. can vary, though.