Med Vacation

I was whining to my bf last night as I took my pills, that I need a med vacation. I’m so tired of taking pills every night and morning! Day in and day out. Its just… I don’t know how to describe it… exhausting, maybe?

Anyone else feel this way and want a med vacation? Not necessarily to stay off meds permanently but just for like a week not to take them?

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Don’t do it, basically. They take a while to build up in your system again, and it’s hellish going back on them.

I made a thread about it.

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@skims I thought I saw a thread that you’re a nurse? What type of nursing did you practice?

It won’t be a good week. Although the idea sounds enticing. Withdrawal week doesn’t sound fun, and the risk of psychosis. No thanks.

Bad idea. You are stepping off APs gradually. So I don’t see it making sense. Also I don’t see your motivation a strong reason if you are doing good on them. If you don’t want taking pills injections is the way for some.

What about injections? I was thinking of switching to injections myself because I have been terrible about taking my night time meds (Abilify and Lamictal) these past few months.
I Agree with @aubergine1 , switch to injections if you can.

I also hate physically swallowing my pills, especially the 200 mg lamictal which reminds me of those mini wafers the Catholic church makes you eat, that’s how big that thing is (sometimes I break it in half but it’s so thick sometimes I cannot and then I swallow it whole after a few attempts).

I also hate leaving pills around in case I have company in my new apartment I’m moving into next month. Nobody can know I take pills and what for…

Hi @Skims I think you’ve asked a great question. I would like to take a med vacation to. Maybe a month, just to see how I go.

Everyone here has discouraged it, probably very wisely too. But I still can dream about it!

Its something to talk to your pdoc sbout. Sounds like it might be time for a change. I hated taking pills and took injections until it raised my prolactin levels. On Abilify I had restless ness and they prescribed something for that and then I felt numb or whatever.

Some of the newer injections aren’t bad. I have a friend who has his every two weeks.

Personally I take one Ap at night and that does me fine.

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I’m resigned to the fact that I need them every day and that there’s a 90% chance that I will be taking them for the rest of my life. Quitting meds is not in my vocabulary. Yes, in theory, laying of of them for awhile would be nice, but in reality, that is not going to happen.

Yes… I realize everything you all have said is true about withdrawal and relapse @everhopeful, @chew. But it still doesn’t stop me from wishing for a reprieve for just a little while. As of now the feeling has passed. However, I just dream of a day when I could be off of meds like @anon84763962 says. Not even to see how it goes but just for a break and then I would take them up again. But alas, I dare not go off them, I’ve tried that before with no success. As @twinkit, @JH85 and @HQuinn suggest injections might be the next option to try. I’ve just made a med change so am waiting to see how this one goes. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll ask about injectables like Invega Sustenna.


I am currently on a med vacation. I’m doing well but then again I’m also not at a very stressful point in life so I don’t have many stress triggers to flare up my symptoms.

What med are you on maybe if your sick of taking pills you could have it by injection?