Me and my roommate have such a great chemistry

Yesterday I told him about my psychosis. I’ve never told anyone outside other szs, my family and professionals about my psychotic events but I trust him and stuff. We have deep intellectual conversation. We’re on the same page and have many of the same RANDOM interests. He’s an Aries and Aries Gemini have good chemistry. Not to mention I come from a family of Aries so I’m used to them. And know how they operate :tired_face:

Why the wailing face? You should use a happy face!

Most of my family are born in the first half of the year. Mum’s a Pices, Dad’s an Aries, both of my sisters are Taurus. My nephew and niece are both Gemini. My real dad is Capricorn, so is his wife and another of my nephews and Mr Turtle. Lots of capricorn in my family.

My best friends (apart from Mr Turtle) are Cancer and Sagitarius. And I’m a Virgo.

I’m glad you have good chemistry and felt comfortable opening up with your roommate. I think it’s important you have someone there you can confide in.

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Because ppl sometimes don’t like hearing about astrology so I used the wailing face Lol :slight_smile:

My mom and sister are Aries. So is my cousin. So was my ex-girlfriend (although that didn’t work out well), so was my first crush after I turned 18. So it’s been all aries girls until I met my roommate, he’s the first aries male I can remember being friends with outside online friends.

My therapist a saggitarius. I’ve had lots of Taurus friends. Aquarius has never worked out well with me!!! Even though they’re supposedly my top match!!! Male or female??? Haven’t worked out well. My roommate I dislike is an aquarius.

My dad is a Leo. I’ve had a bunch of twin twin gemini friends too. One had the same birthday as me, so we were all the same signs except maybe our ascendant.

My non-immediate family there’s lots of water. My cousin scorpio… his wife pisces. Uncle pisces. Aunt Cancer. Other aunt cancer also. other uncle scorpio. Grandparents were both pisces.

Sisters boyfriend cancer.

My mom and her brother and her sister all married in the same element!

Glad you pay attention to astrology as much as I do!!!

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Now I get the wailing face. I like astrology but I don’t know anywhere near as much about it as you do.

I get along with pretty much every sign I think.

My Nana was an aquarius, she was really eccentric and I was closer to her than I was anyone in the family until she died on 25/11/2014.

Now I’m probably closest to my Mum than anyone else in the family. We talk on the phone everyday.

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Now my roommate pissed me off. I told him a story, but I bended the story because I didn’t want to tell him the psychotic version of the story. And then he said very bluntly “SOUNDS LIKE JUST AN EXCUSE”

Dang now I think hes rude as ■■■■. He doesn’t know where i’m coming from. You had to be here, but it wasn’t cool, regardless of what…