Me and my big mouth

I was approached about something my daughter and I do as a hobby. Asked if we could possibly bring it into the school. I said, okay, I’d try. Several more people jumped in and the project grew.

Currently frantically building a support Web site for the project. Also have to get a Powerpoint ready for a presentation I’m doing at the school Tuesday evening. So many people RSVPed that we had to move to a larger room. An interview with me about it is appearing in Wednesday’s paper. The following weekend I’m running a booth demoing it at the local teen fair. I’m a ball of nerves.

The above describes how I’m feeling right now.

Back to work…



It’s pretty late man. You’re working?

I would consider myself king of the world if I could do ONE of those things!


You can do it. Gz, I’m happy for you.

take it easy pixel,

all work and no play… you know the rest


Getting closer…

That’s the Website countdown timer as of last night. It’s down to just under 8 hours now. Goes live at 6 pm MDT. Won’t be as pretty as I wanted it to be, but the content is there.

Here’s the stack of gear I finally put into a rack I ordered instead of piling it haphazardly.

Been so busy I haven’t taken the tablecloth we used for Princess Pixel’s birthday last Friday off the kitchen table yet. I am SO FAR BEHIND I’m starting to feel like I’m ahead.


Looks nice @Pixel. Best wishes on the presentation.

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Whew. Made it thru in one piece.



awweeeesoomme!Have fun and hope it will go as you wished\1