Math thread

Who here loves math? Im a huge fan lol unpopular opinion I guess but anyone whos like-minded want to share in a discussion about it?

I’ll start. I’m very interested in schrödinger’s equation and all the implications it has for the probability of occurrences in the universe. Theoretically theres a chance that you could get teleported to another point in space! Its incredibly small, but particles appear and disappear all the time, the energy has to go somewhere!

What do you guys think?


I’ve always thought fractals were cool. I wonder if mathematics will ever advance enough to predict the shape of a snowflake.


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Fractals are awesome! I had a professor in college who taught us about chaos theory and the beauty of chaotic systems. We created fractal graphs in excel lol it blew my mind. Theyre all over nature, the pattern of veins on leaves, the snowflakes, salt crystals.

Apparently they have a calming effect on the brain when you look at them. Super neat stuff!

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6+3=9 and so does 5+4=9 They are many ways on the pursuit to happiness.


I’ll toss in on fractal loving. Absolutely beautiful

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I think the best mathematical invention is the zero. Lol. Where would we be without it?


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Taking the root out of an unknown

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We have the indians to thank for that! They invented the concept of zero I believe, maybe it was the arabs. Its a fascinating concept really, Im no good at number theory so I cant even begin to understand it

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I’m just gonna leave this here


I never took a real physics course but I’m a former college dropout that wanted to do a pure math degree. I’m interested in physics.

I want to do calculus based mechanics and finish the series someday at community college when I feel better.

I don’t know schrodinger’s equation. I was told I was stupid and an idiot in high school by a loser physics professor who made fun of me constantly everyday and lied to me. Failed me on purpose despite promising a C. I stopped going to school and never took it seriously.

Yes, quantum mechanics tells you that stuff.

I’m quite the underachiever. I tried my best in university but got Cs in math courses due to schizophrenia, which resulted in severe depression and suicidal thoughts. It made me realize I’ll never go to graduate school or at least my dream school for graduate school. The funny thing is I think I did it before in a past life. I made it and did it but people know and think it is a delusion. I guess I attempted a phd in physics at Stanford. Maybe engineering too. I’m not interested in going there but I made it a billion lifetimes ago. I guess i wanted to be an economist originally. I’m interested in quantum economics/finance too which I’m told doesn’t exist. I achieved my dream. I guess I’m in a causal loop. I figured out what they’re doing with quantum consciousness sort of.

I think I worked my ass off and got lucky. I dont think people like me.

I would say time travel exists and is possible. I’m told I’m schizophrenic…

Tell me about Kerr black holes and simulation/matrix theory someday. I was there.

I’m interested now in money and getting a girlfriend and recovering. I think a virus causes schizophrenia. I had delusions it is the norovirus. Even if it isnt, the norovirus vaccine will help people a lot. I dont know if the vaccine will get approved or work at all. I had delusions about something starting with an L that deals with cancer or herpes or kidneys or something. Anyways, sorry for going off topic and triggering people.

I achieved quantum immortality aka quasi immortality. The soul/consciousness is immortal but the memories are not apparently. It is fascinating/interesting. I think many worlds theory is real. I’m worried we live in a simulation which bothers me. I hate it. I think a parallel universe could be another connected or parallel computer. Just a thought or guess.

I guess I have a delusion I have a microchip to prevent me from remembering and have severe dissociation. I had some UFOs I designed visit me in a traumatic fashion. I think I also did a micro masters on edx at Columbia university in AI or engineering in a past life / parallel universe in which I might have designed those craft on a different planet or something. A parallel earth.

I think I can die despite being in a causal loop. I think Al Bielek was wrong. I’m 30 now but I died in my 20s a lot. Perhaps millions of times. I’m glad I made it to 30. I love my country and I’m a patriot. Even if I die, those craft will still exist be around. I think it was a test to push my intellect to see if I was smart enough.

I hope my post doesn’t get flagged but i understand. I’m schizophrenic by design but I think my thoughts and memories are sort of real in a sense. I had multiple past lives.

I was an amateur physicist I guess. My IQ was 133 when i was a kid. Schizophrenia ruined my life but i think I can recover. I lost about 10 iq points.


Do you know of the concept of complex numbers? We used it a lot in my circuits class, its like taking a number from 2 dimensions (a line) into a 3D space if you were to visualize it. It really blows my mind that sqrt(-1) can be used in such a way

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You can recover man! Never stop the love of it, its a wonderful world that we can describe in ways that we understand (math, physics), youre not done yet! If you could do it in past lives like you say you can do it again!

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Yes i remember complex numbers. I understood it all at one stage in my life. I learned it in German college. I had very good mathteachers throughout school. Should have been on the ball more. We did formulas for chances of possibilities. I can’t translate into English.

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I think I know what you mean, probability theory is super cool. Im no good at it haha number theory, probability and linear algebra has always escaped me so I know how you feel. Id love to know more about it, and I think Ill get the chance with my classes coming up

I fried my brain. I couldn’t have coped otherwise. I am just mad these days.

Thats a shame man. But you dont have a to be super-genius-man to love math, just do what youre capable of! Ill never be Newton or Fermi but I just love this stuff

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My niece is a super genius. I think she wants to be a doctor or something. Her best subject is math but she never studies which disappoints me. I have high hopes for her.

You are right. You don’t need to be super genius to love math. I think calculus is the first math class I knew I loved math. It’s different than algebra. I think calculus started making me think differently and I loved it. I recommend community college because it’s easier and more supportive. That or high school. Most kids don’t take high school seriously.

I think algebra and below and even geometry is very, very important. It’s important to have a superb foundation.

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I study lifequotes from the past. Sometimes i have an opportunity to discuss them. I memorize them and think about them. I did it since i could read as a kid.

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I think the short answer is no, but it helps. I think getting into math or programming at a young age gives one a huge advantage.

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Absolutely, you have to start young to get the the top. I was always in regular math classes and I was never any good, until I took the plunge senior year of high school and took differential calculus. My god that was amazing, the teacher had a real passion and it showed. She would challenge us everyday to think about the world differently and gave real world applications for everything. It was probably the best decision Ive ever made, seriously. The right teacher can make all the difference

So I dont have a solid foundation, and Im still pretty bad at the basic stuff, but Ive made it this far. I believe everyone can learn calculus, and everyone should have at least a basic understanding of it. I think it is crucial to understanding the world as it is!

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