Massage is like heaven

In my old age, I’m 61 now, and after that 16 year long, roller coaster ride of a relationship is now over, I’ve decided to get over my extreme stinginess and indulge myself a little.

For instance, I bought myself a new smart TV. My first one ever. My last TV was a tube. And, I’m going to subscribe to Amazon Prime video and music, Netflix, and YouTube premium.

I’m also getting a patio loveseat and coffee table for my balcony. I’ve already ordered them.

I’m also getting monthly massages at a local spa. I’ve had two so far. The first was a very, very firm massage to my neck and shoulders only. Man, did I ever need that!

This month, yesterday, I told my masseuse that I wanted a firm, full body massage everywhere but my face and privates. Man, did she deliver. And for a whole hour too.

I highly recommend this experience for everyone. It costs me $80 each time but I think its worth it.

If you can’t realistically part with around $80 a month, I would suggest doing it at least once a year. Perhaps as a birthday treat for yourself?


I used to go two to three times a week, but that was when insurance was paying for it

Thanks for the reminder, I need to treat right now

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