Marvel Or DC

I am a hard core Batman fan but other than that I have got nothing more to say about DC. I wish Marvel had Batman instead.

So basically as a franchise Marvel is way more ahead than DC. I hate zack snyder and what he did to DCEU. Cant see how WB gave Ben Afleck the nod.

Thor is my favorite Marvel character.

On a positive note Robert Pattinson is really a good choice.

P.S: Heath Ledger. Respect.

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Am a marvel guy but the Christopher Nolan batman movies are my fave by a long distance

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I like pretty much all comic book movies.

There is a pretty decent film from a dark horse graphic novel called ‘Polar’ on Netflix.

Worth a watch

I think the way Marvel did the films so connected to each other made it hard for DC to compete on that level.

I wanted the wooden box set but it was like $550 and not even in the UK

I love Superman and Batman, but Marvel has the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Xmen. Wolverine and Rocket are my favorite comic book characters by far.

In terms of comic books I think they’re about equal in quality.

I just like DC more because they have Swamp Thing. And that’s my favorite comic.

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