Martial arts training

I know old people are different than young people there.

And the germans and belgians go to limburg (which I believe is pollitically from the right mostly) to buy weed.

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I’m not even sure what the official stance is on smoking cannabis on the streets. I think most people in smaller towns would frown on it somewhat, but not say anything (individual freedom…).

Have only tried cannabis a few times though. Because it is allowed, Dutch teens are maybe less interested than foreign teens.

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I hate pot. It messed me up mentally.

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I’ve also lived outside of Europe and can say there is a European culture. We like democracy, fighting with words not guns, big Government, cheap public healthcare and social programs and so on.

But when you zoom in there are still many differences, mainly in style.

I feel European, but some Belgians would take offense if they were mistaken for a Dutch and vice versa.

Culture is a complicated matter that’s all I can say!


I want to travel around europe one day. Ive learnt a little bit of german but not much really. Real basics.


I know a couple of words in German. Danke, bitte,…

I like Cologne, Düsseldorf,… I’ve never been to Berlin though.

Hamburg has a nice lake, but I was a bit paranoid when visiting so I didn’t enjoy it much.

If you ever want to make concrete steps to visiting, I think the Europeans on this forum could be a great resource!


Cool. Okay thanks!



Yes, I agree, there is European culture too. And then differences when zooming in. I think f.e. Dutch people look at Belgians as more living the good life, a lot less direct in their way of communicating, and more hierarchical, for example in organizations or schools. Treating teachers or bosses with more respect, whereas we would rather ignore the hierarchical difference and just give our opinion. As a stereotype. Even between Dutch provinces there are cultural differences, e.g religious differences or differences in attitude. No idea how this is seen the other way around.

Berlin is real cool. You should pay a visit. We were talking the other day, and it’s my favourite big city.

@Ozzyskits, yeah, always welcome to ask.


True. You can keep zooming in.

When you’re at the Belgian level there are differences between the French and Dutch Speaking part (Flanders). Then when you’re at the Flemish level there are differences between cities.

It keeps on going…

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