Marians housekeeping project

I plan what housework I am going to do the night before and I do housework in the morning when I have more energy.

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That is good. I’m not too productive in the mornings, mostly, I like my time to wake up. I was in a recovery course today. People said they’d work all day, and only gave themselves permission to enjoy things and relax, after all work was done. I don’t think I have THAT problem. :slight_smile:

I’m happy for you. I haven’t cleaned except dishes this week. I need to get some things done tomorrow. All I did was dishes and preparing meals. Not good enough. But I’ve been spending tons of time with my daughter and have had drs appointments and other things going on. Now I need to make myself get it all done without excuses

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Spending time around daughter and medical care is important. Dont beat yourself up.

I just cleaned a bit more. It’s getting cosy here. I even bought flowers for myself and kid, to make it nice when he is here this afternoon. :sunglasses:

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Flowers are so pretty. I’m glad your home feels cozy :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Now it is more clean, I manage to keep it clean as well. I’m trying my best with plants and flowers. Kid will come in an hour. I am baking homemade bread, so the house smells nicely.

Have to do an extra “layer” of cleaning still in the kitchen. But it is much improved.


You’re doing awesome :slight_smile:

I love fresh baked bread. I haven’t made it in about a year though.

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Good luck Marian, lemme know if you get it done. :crossed_fingers::+1:

I need to remove mould off the bathroom ceiling today and laundry.


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Mould removed! It was easy thankyou @Milly I was surprised how powerful that chemical was.


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