Man the day after an all nighter I slept 15 hours

I have an oversleep headache now though


Why do you do these all nighters? Just curious…


This all nighter just came out of the blue. I just couldn’t sleep.

But admittedly I have had many voluntary all nighters. Usually because for some reason I have craved tea/coffee at like midnight and couldn’t sleep as a result

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Ahh, i see.

I wake up most nights at about 3 or 4, sometimes with the need to pee, have a cup of tea and meditate for 30minutes then go back to bed. The times of getting a full 8 hours in one go are long behind me, sadly.

I hate the being sleep deprived. It causes mild psychosis for me. I still get 8 hours plus a sleep even with the getting up at 4am though.

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