Man funny story about my parents groceries delivery

We are under lockdown so I order my parents food to be delivered to their house. Part of this weeks delivery were 2 bottles of sherry.

But when they arrived they still had on the magnetic security tag thing. Luckily the delivery driver noticed it and said he will return it.

I also made an official refund request for the sherry on the grocery stores website just in case the problem gets unresolved.


Got a refund from the store via email. They are a great store


That’s funny. It nice you were able to get a delivery timeslot.

It’s virtually impossible to get grocery delivery time slots where I live because of the high demand. Curbside pickup is a little easier.

Even though I have some underlying health conditions, I still have to go grocery shopping every two weeks or so for me and my elderly mom. I am super careful and sanitize the groceries and change my (shopping) clothes before driving my mom’s groceries over to her house.


That is really good of you to brave the shops for your mum. Yeah I managed to get some delivery slots but I can’t see me getting any in the future. The go in like 3 minutes of being up on the website


My store does delivery 4 days later if you wake up early enough to get a slot. They run out before 8 AM, it seems.

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I go to a small store called Trader Joe’s (it’s a chain of small stores in parts of the US). My local store is super organized and adhere to California’s current very strict COVID-19 health code regulations to ensure cleanliness and social distancing of patrons.

I did wear a face mask and gloves for the first time when I went a couple days ago. They were very well stocked with lots of fresh produce, eggs, dairy, frozen food, etc. I was able to find everything on my and my mom’s grocery list so we both have lots of healthy food for at least the next two weeks.


I went to Lucky. There were whole shelves that were bare. And of course the paper product aisle was almost entirely empty.

Our local big name grocery is closed from 7am till 9am specifically to do this regions delivery orders. With all this madness I think it’s going well and this is a big area. Went up early yesterday and lots of empty shelves still. Going to be a long winter.

Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your neck of the woods @77nick77?

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Yeah, there’s one that’s fairly close. I meant to go there but now with this virus I’m going to wait awhile. I have a Sprouts near me too, they have a great, varied selection of food.

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