Man eats world's hottest chilli pepper – and ends up in hospital


I add chillies to my pasta…!!!

But dont anyone try to eat raw chillies or spices… holy cow…!!!

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Why are humans like this?


The hottest thing I’ve ever eaten was a ghost pepper. I honestly thought I was going to die :laughing:


I think people that eat those peppers that can kill you are masochists…there is one pepper that a man grows in somewhere in the states but you will die if you eat it no kidding.

Haha I remember those headaches. I had vertigo too like weeks later after them.

I have tried the spicy nuclear noodles and with just one bite I thought I’m going to die.

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I used a hand blender to mix a Reaper into a cup of V8 juice, which I slammed. This led to…


It was like having magma moving through my digestive tract for at least 20 hours. Oh, and spraying burning jet fuel out one’s arse. Said arse being tender for the next four or five days.

It appears the ghost pepper is my upper limit. Anything beyond that leaves me wishing for death’s loving embrace.

Oh, yeah, had the headaches, too. Was so busy crapping and puking that the headache was kind of secondary, though.


The man should not eat that… the brain said to the body…

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Lol. I’m sorry @velociraptor. Maybe be nice to your arse. But that sounds like a burning hell. I’ve been there in other ways. :slight_smile:

Kinda like me prepping for a colonoscopy while enduring one of the worst migraines of my life. Pure hell.

I just got scoped the other day. Not fun. But I loved the dope they gave me.

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I eat spicy foods all the time but I don’t think that I’d be able to handle a reaper or ghost pepper.
To chicken to try :smile:

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