Man coming down with the flu

Sucks. Feel sick - hate feeling ill.

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Yargh! You should keep some echinasia (oops I don’t know how to spell it) and garlic pills on hand.

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Everything is so ■■■■■■■ boring in life it’s sux also.

Hope u feel better Jimmy. Take some honey and lemon

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Wed md knows how to spell it

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As long as it’s not the man-flu, you’ll be alright :stuck_out_tongue:


When I was up visiting my parents recently, my dad came down with a 24 hour bug. Mum took me aside ( she genuinely had the flu) and said “Stay with us longer, I can’t handle a man flu right now!”

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Man flu is worse than Schizophrenia

Just a heads up


It is! You’re 100% right!

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My mom once said “no one is closer to death than a man with a fever” :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m getting a flu too, feels bad.

I’m drinking mate tea. Tastes good.

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I love getting the flu. I like the chills/sweats/aches all wrapped up in bed.

But my stepdad, that I live with, is 77 years old and diabetic. So my parents made me get a flu shot this year.

Whenever I return to independent living I will not be getting the flu shot.

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