Making and deleting twitter accounts over and over

HI, I used to be on the old forum under the name slowdeath, because I was depressed at the time. I tried to get my account back, but I could not get it back, so I made a new account, but I was able to reused my name slowdeath, so I hope I see some people I used to know here.

I am upset with someone I know who makes and deletes twitter accounts. I met him on a twitter account, but then he deleted it, for some reason. Then he later made two more accounts which he deleted, I did not think he should keep doing that, then he made account one again and I got mad at him and blocked that account. It’s like he would make accounts but then he would have bad feelings or feel like he did not want to be public. But, I don’t really know.

It was pretty upsetting for me. At first, I was thinking like what is the point of doing this over and over, and it makes no difference if anyone follows it or not since it will deleted within a few days anyway. I think he has either boarder line personality disorder or manic depression, but still I was looking to see what kind of illness causes one to do things like this, and I could not find anything about it all online. So, I was looking to see if this a sign of a mental illness, but sometimes I think it is just troll like behavior that he doing this just to upset me on purpose, which of course explains it. Any insights would be appreciated. I know I should not let it bother me, but someone reason it is bothering me right now. But, I will get over it in a few days.

I wanted to add he told me he was really depressed, but he won’t take his meds, because he had to story about how he did not want to take harmful medications, and I think he got mad at me, when I suggested it was better to take meds then be depressed. So basically, whatever he is, he won’t take his meds, and there is no help for what ever his problem is.

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thought i would say hi,
sounds like he has paranoia or ocd , he certainly was not i imagine trying to have a go at you, but who knows ?
people do strange things and that is coming from a sz who lives on a rainbow !.
hope this helps
take care

I do this ALL THE TIME. Not just with Twitter but with Facebook as well. I know I must be as annoying as hell but I can’t stop doing it. I’ve had 100s of Facebook accounts. I’ll delete each one and start again. Wow I do not understand my logic behind it obviously I don’t want to lose friends over it.

I do it too, sometimes ill think my facebook or twitter is being watched and delete it, then come back when the delusion in, then whenit comes back, i continue the cycle.

he could just be a troll too. who knows.

I have no twitter or face book never had, and in my opinion it’s all so vial.

But my kid sis has had a few accounts and deleted them and re-made others. She’s done it because as she says, it starts off Ok, and everyone is playing nice, but then some sort of intense drama happens and it all gets bad and stupid and she tries to stay out of it, but it’s on her page. So she deletes the whole mess and then a few months later will try again and find it too much drama and delete it again. She completely gave up on all that.

So she will walk in from work with a look of relief on her face and say… “there is some major facebook drama that is making everyone mad at each other right now… I am in no way involved. :relieved:

Wow, I guess it is more common then I think it is. If there is drama, I just ban those in the drama instead of trashing the account. It takes time to build an account, not just making it, but maintaining it adding friends. I have new insights now.

I can remember the names of some people who where here, but now I can only think of the name Jayster. But, if I could see a list I could pick out names from the list, but it is hard to remember them without any clues. I tried to go that other board but it was either down or my astound is not working correct at the time I hit that link.

It feels uncomfortable to have to approve new followers on twitter and not know if it is him or not under a different name. I approved one and then he changed it to make it more like him. I feel like someone is trying to dupe me. If he had instead explained by email, but still I would have asked him to just stop doing it, or at least stop involving me in it. Then I have to check see if the old accounts are deleted and make notes on that because if the account is deleted there is no way to find out. They don’t send a notice to me. This causes stress and unhappiness.

That is why I have proudly never had an account and never will have an account and will continue to avoid facebook and twitter and all that other mess like the plague.

I am on here. That’s enough for me. I’m not savvy enough for this virtual world. I’ve been working so hard to stay in the real world. There has been enough virtual world in my head to last a life time.

I’ve had the problem of making an account, then the next time I try to access it, my password has changed and I’m locked out.
If I ask for a new one, I never get the message until many weeks? Months? later I discover the message in my inbox, but only after it’s expired.
It’s happened to every single account I ever made online.

I do remember you. I think I know what they problem is. They want to make complicated password if, it’s simple, it won’t save. You have to put the password in a document and copy paste it in or else and it has to be a hard password, like mixed number and letter and some time symbols. Then you reenter it and then request a new password, if that does not work, then hopefully soon it will come. But, you can log in here right, some things like chrome will try to remember the passwords for you, sometime if they do it wrong, these problems can come up.

I cannot access this Sz account on my iMac, because my password is not correct so the only way I can access, is on the history list on my iPad.
Funny, since I used the same password here for the last 10 years.
Go figure.

That is a shame, did you write to the admin? I can’t view the old messages at all, they appear to be a dead link. I wish I could see them so I can remember the other names of friends. I am glad to see you still here.

Twitter is very difficult because most of the time no one sees what you write and if they do there is no like button to press, so you get the feeling that no one is reading your stuff. It is not possible to follow all of the twitter feeds everyday unless you spend hours each day, so most people can’t. Making an account and expecting that you will get a lot of attention at once is unrealistic. So, lots of people get mad and delete the account feeling offended in some of vague way. I did explain to him about all of this, but it did not stop him for doing the wrong thing. I said twitter is a like an empty void most of the time, you drop your word in and get no reply, like a black hole. But, he totally did not listen at all to me, and that also upset me. I do give good advice.

My brother does this a lot, he has bipolar disorder with psychotic features, adhd and autism. He will start an account then delete it a bit later and wants me to delete someone who made him mad off my account.

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sounds to me like he is paranoid and that’s it. he’s hardly going to delete an account just to upset u is he? i think that’s u being paranoid thinking like that. no offense. xxx i don’t have a twitter account…no point. i don’t have a business or anything to follow and i’m not famous so what would b the point? i am however on facebook and have about 150 friends. i’m happy with that. i’m on there every morning to say hello and every evening to say goodnight. it’s fun. i like it.

I know it seem paranoid of me to wonder if people are doing things just to piss me off, but then I met people like that, they get some kind of trill from upsetting other people. I am saying the jury is out, you know, that is just one theory. It is more likely like I stated he just did not get the attention he thought he deserved on twitter then deleted them out of spite or unhappiness or some other kind of problem. I hope it is not as serious, as it could be. Facebook does give people a lot more attention, but he does not have facebook either. It is hard to share things with people not on facebook. If I see a cartoon or a joke I want to share that with people. It is hard to stay in touch because I think if I email them just to share a joke, they thinking it is just annoying to them.