Made a casserole, will be eating it for days

on the bottom

two cans of chicken (from Family Dollar)
mixed with one can of peppered tomatoes
sprinkled with dried onion
garlic pepper
top with box of stuffing mix
spoon over melted butter

bake 375 for 35 minutes

can’t wait to try it, maybe Phil will eat it?


That sounds really good! I love casseroles…


Today I ate leftover Dominoes pizza. I don’t like it but it was quick and I was hungry.

Tomorrow I will have the regular. Beetroot and celery juice.

I really like casseroles. I don’t have them very often though . I have a slow cooker , but it’s getting myself geared to buy the ingredients and then put it on. I also don’t like peeling and cutting veg. I can use frozen veg and tinned potatoes in an ordinary casserole dish, but the tinned potatoes don’t work so well in a slow cooker.


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