Mad person chasing me

mad person in intelligence agencies chase me and torture me
i been now 9 years
they tortured me very hard for the first 3 years and less in the following years
they say they ll be with me upto death
they experiment on me
omg should i go to court
it is not disease it is torture
anyone feel me ???
what to do ?i feel fully perplexed

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It does indeed sound like torture. Is there anyway for you to experience relief?


i dont know i do what is good for me
that may be relief

I hope so. I hope you catch a break.

You need meds bro


I’ll kick their asses for you. I have a few bastards that watch me when I leave my apt.


I’m pretty sure no one is/has been torturing you. This is one of your powerful delusions. You need to tell your pdoc about this delusion and maybe they’ll increase your med dosage.

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