Lyrica / pregabalin for OCD

I have had OCD for at least 15 years. My pdoc has suggested lyrica / pregabalin to counter anxiety, in the hope of it affecting the OCD.

Has anyone here tried lyrica for anxiety or OCD? Does it work?


Well, I’ve been on lyrica 100mg daily for one week, with no change.

Anyone else want to give a view? Dosage? Usefulness for OCD?


I feel like i’m suffering from OCD/Intrusive thoughts and i’m taking Lorazepam for anxiety I’ll check lyrica out thanks.

I know this is an old thread but it’s quite relevant when you google “Lyrica and OCD”. I’ve had OCD / intrusive thoughts for the past twelve years. I’ve had anxiety for the past 15 years.

I’ve just been prescribed Lyrica and I’ve been using it now for about 3 weeks. Started out with 50mg daily for the first week, then 75mg and now 100mg daily. I’m seeing absolutely no affect except that my OCD is off the charts since I’ve started with Lyrica. I don’t know if Lyrica is the cause, but I’ve been able to “wrangle” my OCD down a bit before starting it, and now it’s as worse as ever.

The only thing Lyrica has done for me is make me tired.

Seriously. 4 years old. You should have just started your own thread.

i suffer from OCD too …im on fluvoxamine 50mg or sometimes 75 mg …and for anxiety i take clonazepam 1mg. never tried Lyrica…hope it works for you .

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